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Pierre's Bagged Model 3 ZEV experience

Pierre's Bagged Model 3 ZEV experience

My journey started when I decided to sell my boosted Mustang and make the switch over to an EV platform during the used car craze of 2021. I really didn’t have plans of modifying my newly purchased Model 3, but within a month of driving it out of the Fremont plant the modification bug had bit me yet again. I didn’t really know anyone in the EV modification scene at the time so naturally I decided to look for a shop with a simple Google search. One of the shops in that search happened to be AutoRnD, so naturally I decided to give them a call, and within minutes of talking with Rishie I realized that he knew his stuff. I must have talked to Rishie at least four or five times before even setting foot in his shop, and at that point I knew he was a gearhead through and through. We talked about our roots from old JDM days, and he told me all about his upbringings through the car scene in the Bay Area. We really connected on a personal level long before I even made my first purchase, and the truth is that this really defines AutoRnD.

Throughout the years I had modified other platforms for the track, but this time I wanted my Model 3 to be more of a comfort/show build. Rishie really wanted to know about my history in the car scene so that they could meet my needs without unnecessarily selling me random products. The trust that was built up over time eventually led us to jump into something that AutoRnD hadn’t done in quite some time, and that was the modification of air suspension. We jumped into the build headfirst and never once did Rishie and his team try to take a shortcut throughout this build. The entire process was lengthy since we wanted to address certain features that other people (and shops) were not doing at the time. The AutoRnD team drew up a fantastic blueprint for the air suspension build on my Model 3, and to this day I still have not seen a more reliable and comfortable setup on a Tesla.

Never once did Rishie try to talk me into buying unnecessary products (like other shops) for this build, and the craftsmanship that went into this setup is second to none. I walked in the door a potential customer and ended up leaving as part of the AutoRnD family. You don’t have to believe me, but you should definitely go see for yourself. Their customers become more than just another transaction, and you never feel like they are trying to simply push products here. The relationships that we built at AutoRnD through a shared passion of cars is something that money can’t buy and if I ever decide to modify another Tesla the only team I trust is AutoRnD.



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