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About Us

ZEVcentric is the EV division of AutoRnD. A company which was established in 1999 as a technical distributor of race proven products originating from Japan and Europe. After two decades of building gas powered cars for the purpose of racing we decided to purchase a Model 3 Performance in December of 2019. After taking delivery of the vehicle and driving it for the first time we were amazed with the acceleration and handling abilities of the car right out of the box. There were definitely areas that needed refinement but it was a very good start. We had never experienced a 4100lb car do what this thing could do. It was a complete anomaly in our book. It was then that we decided to make a hard pivot to supporting world's transition to sustainable energy and help catalyze the acceptance of electric vehicles in grass roots motorsports.

After only a few months of ownership, COVID-19 hit our shores and forced us all into a lockdown. This became a blessing in disguise by serving as the perfect breaking point for us to shift from ICE to EV. In pursuit of this shift we discovered there was very little aftermarket support for the Model 3, and soon to come Model Y. We made it our mission to pool together our resources and contacts in the industry to offer our assistance with testing and developing products to improve the vehicles driving manners on the street but also elevate its capabilities at the race track. We felt a civic responsibility to share the awesomeness of what this car could do on and off the track. In order to dedicate 100% of our time to this process we had to suspend our physical operations from early 2020 to early 2021. In that period of time we tested every product that was available on the market, on and off the track, and fully immersed ourselves in the community to better understand everyone's wants and needs. We tested every existing product we could find to come up with what you see in our catalog. By April of 2021 we decided to reopen the doors to offer our unparalleled installation and consulting services to the public. We were ready!!!!! In a mere 3 years we amassed an amazing family of Tesla owners and racers. Examples of which can be found on many of our social platforms. We are located just a couple miles away from the Tesla Fremont factory. We look forward to working with you in any capacity. Please like and subscribe to follow our progress on any of our social platforms.

- Team ZEV

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