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Dan travels from Minnesota to race with us!!!!! Twice!!!!!

Dan travels from Minnesota to race with us!!!!! Twice!!!!!

We had been working with Dan remotely for the past year or so supplying him Endless brake pads.  When we heard he was going to make the journey to come race at Tesla Corsa I told him he had to stop by our office on the way down so we could shake hands and at the very least do a tech inspection and alignment on it.  Well, when he showed up what should have been a one hour job turned into a whole day of corrections.  Please read below in his own words what occurred. - Rishie


"After attending my first TeslaCorsa event in April 2021 I instantly became hooked on tracking my 2018 Model 3 Performance and knew I’d make a return at some point. With used vehicle values through the roof I decided to say goodbye to my 2018 Model 3 Performance and instead upgraded to a 2022 in March. I had a local shop reinstall all of my Mountain Pass Performance goodies (see below) on my new ride and was able to do a few track days throughout the year. I continued to improve my lap times however I couldn’t help but feel that the car felt a bit off. I kept disregarding these thoughts and believed my driving skills (or lack thereof) were to blame. I continued to focus on improving my driving and decided to once again make the trek from Minneapolis, MN to Buttonwillow, California for TeslaCorsa 23. I needed to get my car aligned for track as soon as I arrived in California and this time I decided to go with AutoRnD. I picked AutoRnD as I had previously purchased Endless brake pads from them and they seemed knowledgeable when it came to tracking Teslas. First impressions are everything and boy am I happy I listened to my gut on this one!


Upon arriving at AutoRnD HQ the team quickly discovered numerous issues (caused by a local shop) that needed to be corrected including:


  • Driver-side lower control arm (LCA) bearing was installed backwards
  • LCA bolts were installed without Loctite
  • Front bolts were WAY over torqued
  • Compression & rebound damping was set unevenly across all 4 shocks
  • One of the rear shocks was installed incorrectly
  • Caster values were not displayed on my prior alignment printout


I was in shock after learning about these issues as I had been doing track days all year with a car that was never setup correctly from the start! Not only did the AutoRnD team quickly resolve these issues but they also made some recommendations based on their experience tuning Teslas. After turning a few laps on Saturday I couldn’t help but smile as the car felt the best it has ever felt! The car had so much grip and seemed capable of so much more compared to my last track day earlier in the fall. I set my sights on running a 2:00 lap around Buttonwillow and after a day of constant improvement I finished with a personal best lap time of 1:59.732! Not only did I achieve my goal, I joined the #sub2club while beating my 2021 personal best lap time by 7 seconds! While this was a huge achievement for me I couldn’t help but feel like I could go even faster with some driving & car setup optimizations. After brainstorming with the AutoRnd team I decided to leave my Model 3 Performance with them and return in October for TeslaCorsa 25.


Fast forward to October I arrived not knowing what to expect and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my Model 3 for the first time. Not only did the AutoRnD team fully detail the car (it looked amazing) but they also hooked me up with a set of beautiful Aspira Forged AF-10 Wheels along with some Goodyear F1 SC3Rs. I am kind of a nut when it comes to good looking wheels on my Tesla and these are far and above the best looking wheels I’ve seen to date. Not only do they look great but they are purpose built for track. To ensure I achieved my goal of going even faster than before, Steven from AutoRnD offered to coach me throughout the weekend. Rishie and Tim also came out to support me on Sunday and by the end of the weekend I was consistently running 1:57s! I dropped a total of 9 seconds in three days and couldn’t be happier! The support from the AutoRnD team was top notch and it is apparent these guys live and breathe racing and know what it takes to get a Tesla to go fast around a racetrack. Their no bs / informative approach differentiates them from the rest and that is why I recommend them to anybody who is thinking of taking their Tesla to the track.


AutoRnD is the best in the business and I couldn’t be happier with the experience they provided!"


- Dan Burkland

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