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JD visits us from Lake Tahoe to get his Y sorted!!!!

JD visits us from Lake Tahoe to get his Y sorted!!!!

JD initially contacted us to get some lightweight 18" wheels and new offroad tires as well as an alignment.  He mentioned he wasn't getting great work done on the Y up in Tahoe so he figured he would make the 4 hour drive to visit us to take care of these simple tasks. Upon arrival we inspected the vehicle only to find some oddities with his existing suspension setup.  We took measurements and inspected a few things to make sure they were installed correctly.  It turned out they were installed correctly but to his dismay the off road coilovers he purchased were far from off road, long strokes.  They had very short damper strokes.  Not only did they not ride well but he also did not get the amount of lift that he had hoped for.  We asked JD what he'd like to do and he opted to upgrade to Mountain Pass coilovers with their lift kit.  Please read his experience with us below!!!!!

"Be careful. I went to AutoRnD for some new wheels/tires and an alignment for my Model Y Performance and left with new MPP coilovers, MPP lift kit, and MPP rear upper control arms. And I'm happy about it.

I had a different aftermarket suspension system on the car that was supposed to create a lift, but it wasn't performing as advertised. It was riding really rough with hardly any travel and didn't lift nearly as much as expected. The new MPP system has more travel, is more forgiving, and has more lift!
A performance shop where I live installed the previous suspension (this was done well) and the only local tire/alignment shop that would touch a Tesla attempted to do the alignment, but weren't able to figure it out and didn't tell me, so I wore out a set of tires in about 6 months. Fun times in a small town...
Based on Rishie's Facebook group posts over the last couple years I knew his team were specialists in exactly what I needed so I threw on my factory wheels/tires and drove about 4 hours from South Lake Tahoe to AutoRnD and they were able to fix me up on the spot. They even grabbed some parts that were meant for their own vehicles to help get me on the road that day.
This was a few months ago and the car has been great! I've successfully been plowing through 1ft of snow on my street and flying over rutted icy roads and potholes like I'm doing a rally. I highly recommend AutoRnD for Tesla performance work!" - JD

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