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Garret visits from Napa with his bagged Model 3

Garret visits from Napa with his bagged Model 3
Working with Rishie and the AutoRND x ZEVcentric crew was an amazing experience. There are not many places I will take my car where I feel like it’s being taken care of. AutoRND looked after my car like it was their own. We had talked before and got a sense on what I ultimately wanted my car for, advised me on what parts I should need and what I shouldn’t bother on. They are a wealth of knowledge that I strongly recommend you reach out to before buying parts. The term #rishiespec is a real, the crew was extremely methodical on getting my suspension dialed in and getting me setup with the wheels I’ve always had my eyes on. I cannot sing their praises enough with the way and level of precision they took care of my Model 3P’s service.

-Garrett G

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