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Rob sells his built EVO to get a RWD LR Model 3

Rob sells his built EVO to get a RWD LR Model 3

Earlier this year, I decided to replace my 18 year old daily ride, I’ve been tossed on getting another ICE vehicle or EV. Fast forward to summer, I decided to buy a 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR RWD. After a short time of owning and driving, these are things that I observed.

  • Driving experience is great.
  • Enjoy the instant torque.
  • Ride quality is good, but needs a little work, too stiff on the road. 
  • Height of car, too tall for my liking. 

This project started with getting some new shoes, I have been a fan of the Titan 7 T-R10 wheels, I like that they are forged, lighter weight, and the look of it; but never pulled the trigger on putting them on my old ride. When I saw that Titan 7 had a fitment for my Model 3, I was defiantly sold. With the wheels picked out, next on the list is suspension. I kept asking myself springs vs. adjustable coilovers. I first settled on springs, to address the ride height. I knew springs will not fix all my concerns. At this point, I needed to continue my research or get some advice on suspension. So that part of the build was placed on hold.

A few weeks go by and still no stock on wheels anywhere, but then an IG post from AutoR&D pops in my feed with a link to the new ZEVcentric page.  T-R10s in stock!!! So I hit the ZEVcentric page and placed the order. I opted to pickup at the shop. Once the order was placed I sent Rishie a message to see if he can do a tire package with install and mount. Sure enough he was able to do that as well, since I am local to the shop. Next day, I go into the shop to pay for the tires, so on the day of install I can get in and out. At the shop I met the AutoR&D / ZEVcentric Team, good group of dudes. As Rishie was showing me my T-R10s we started talking of my overall goal for the car. I’ve read his posts on a few FB groups, and seen some really good feedback for the work that he and his team have performed. I also saw that their work shows positively in their track results. Rishie and I begin our conversation by talking about my goals for my suspension and the use case. We talked about the pros and cons of all the products I was thinking of using to reach my goal. He was not trying to hard sell me at all. The conversation was very constructive, open, honest, and didn’t sway towards a specific brand set. Not too long after my visit to the shop, I receive a follow up note from Rishie with all the things we spoke about at the shop with a few things to look at to help me with my decision for suspension. 

Based on the conversation and budget, the recommendation was springs and adjustable shocks. Note I left the brands out to not taint other readers decisions on choosing what products is right for their build.

On the day of the wheel installation, Steven took a look at the condition of the bushings and showed me where the fail points were starting to become visible. He recommend  that I take care of that when I can. Again another recommendation and not a hard sell. I am happy with the new shoes, but knew before long I had to go back to get some suspension work done.

Few weeks pass, more research done, and dam social media. I make my decision on what suspension to go with. 

On the day of the installation, will have to say customer service and quality of work was executed exceptionally well. While waiting for the work to complete, the team kept up on communication as to the status of the installation. Even stayed a bit to talk about other stuff outside of cars. This project is done. Who knows if more will be added. For now I’m enjoying the new setup!

Thank you AutoR&D / ZEVcentric Team for the making this buying experience educational and installation smooth.


Project Build

  • Suspension

o   MPP Sports Coilovers

o   MPP Rear Camber Arms

o   MPP Front lower Control Arm Bearings

o   MPP Front Compression Rod Inserts

o   Setup:

  • Ride Height daily driver
  • Front: 365 mm
  • Rear: 370 mm


  • Daily Damper / Alignment Settings:
  • Rishe Spec.
  • Brakes

o   Redwood Stainless Steel Brake lines

o   MPP Brake Master Cylinder Brace

o   Motul RBF600

  • Wheels + Tires

o   Titan 7 T-R10 19 x 9.5 +34

o   Continental DWS06 Plus – 265/35/19

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