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Winmax W5 Model Y Brake Pads (Track Pad)

Front or Rear

W5 Compound

The W5 “High Friction Track / Competition” compound is designed as a dedicated track compound. High coefficient of friction provides sufficient stopping power for track and competition conditions. Precise modulation and release characteristics. Highly fade resistant with wide temperature range. Flatter torque curve compared to the W7 compound, providing consistent and solid braking performance throughout the effective temperature range which boosts driver’s confidence. Elevated noise and brake dust compared to W2 and W3 compounds. Relatively easy on rotors compared to competitors’ racing pad offerings. Great front pad option for lighter cars, and rear pad option for those who prefer a more front biased setup with the W7 compound up front.

  • Material: High Steel
  • Temperature: 100°C ~ 750°C
  • Average-Mu: 0.40 ~ 0.43

Spider Compound W5


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