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Winmax W3 Model Y Brake Pads (Street/Light Track)

Front or Rear

W3 Compound

The W3 “Road & Track” compound is an all round compound ideal for sport driving, autocross, and light track duty while still maintaining street drivability. Low level of brake dust and noise. Good coefficient of friction, initial bite, and temperature range make this compound capable for track conditions. Best modulation and control characteristics among W series compounds. Great choice for occasional track vehicles without the disadvantages of dedicated track pads. Works as designed from ambient temperature. Great rear pad option for those who prefer a more front biased setup with the W5 compound up front.

  • Material: Semi-metallic
  • Effective temperature range: Ambient - 1112°F (600°C)
  • Average Mu: 0.34 ~ 0.37
  • Recommended for street / track use

Spider Compound W3


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