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Unplugged Performance Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arm for TESLA MODEL S AND MODEL X (2012-2020)


Sick of having the inside of your rear tires wear out, while the outside looks almost brand new?
The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X vehicles, especially those equipped with factory air suspension, have a lot of natural camber in the rear.  Some of this can be dialed out by aligning the car on “very low,” but to achieve the most neutral camber and best tire longevity an adjustable rear arm is required.  
Having adjustable rear camber allows improved tire longevity by correcting rear camber settings on street cars. These allow a return to factory rear camber alignment settings on lowered cars.

Are you a high-performance driver looking to maximize handling?
High performance-orientated drivers have the freedom to set the rear camber according to individual preferences, suspension choices, and tire and wheel choices for increased handling capabilities to maximize any particular car set up.

Replacing the factory arms which are non-adjustable, brings infinite possibilities and more than 3 degrees of additional camber adjustment.

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