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Alignments / Suspension / Wheel Consultation


Please schedule your suspension or wheel consultation with Rishie here. Once your consultation is scheduled we will send you some questions to be answered. Once we receive those back we can provide our recommendations via email or messenger. All payments towards consultation can be applied as a credit to orders placed within 7 calendar days of consult relating to the same type of product with a minimum value of $1000.00.

1. Alignments - we discuss your needs, objectives, existing tire wear, and past alignment sheets. 

2. Wheels - we review vehicles you like the aesthetic of, your budgets and needs in order to calculate an ideal fitment for you.  Everything from improving range, to comfort, to track duties.

3. Suspension - we listen to problems you are having with your vehicle and try to find you a suitable solution within your budgets.

4. Wheels / Suspension - See #2 and #3 above. In this consultation you will receive my suggestions for alignment values as well.

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