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Rivian R1T / R1S R80B Rmaxx Beadlock Off Road 20" Forged Wheels by Team 1EV

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Serious off-road enthusiasts have spoken and the engineers at Team 1EV have listened.  Rivian aftermarket upgrade pioneer and trendsetter Team 1EV is proud to be the very first to bring real beadlock Rivian-specific wheels to market.  The new R800 RMaxx Beadlock Off Road Wheel was designed from a clean sheet and features our unique design language that properly compliments the factory Rivian style, while offering a sporty upgraded look and incorporating functional performance enhancements, including a true bolt-on beadlock system.

Team 1EV monoblock forged R800 RMaxx Beadlock Off Road Wheels offer sophisticated off-road looks, functional tire gripping anti-slip bead knurling , unmatched strength, and off-road capability to set your Rivian R1T and R1S apart from the rest.   The R800 RMaxx wheel has been specifically designed and engineered by Team 1EV for Rivian-specific fitment, assuring proper factory-spec fitment and hardware compatibility.  


RMaxx Beadlocks Explained

Beadlocks are designed to prevent tires from slipping and rotating on wheels or tire beads from separating from wheels (immediate flat) during extreme torque and traction situations.  The beadlock design enables safe and confident low inflation tire pressure operation to enlarge tire contact patch for maximum off road traction.  The beadlock clamping force can also endure extreme side loading keeping tires properly locked in place on the wheel while navigating extreme angle terrains.  Team 1EV uses a forged wheel lip and forged beadlock ring design with 24 recessed points of attachment using heavy duty grade 8 hardware to securely clamp the tire bead to the wheel.  Further, Team 1EV beadlock rings feature machined groves to physically interlock tire beads.  How does this all compare to non-beadlock wheels?  Standard non-beadlock wheels simply rely on tire inflation pressure to hold the tire on the wheel.  When tire inflation pressure is lowered for maximizing off road traction, the tire is at risk to become unseated from the bead or slip on the wheel potentially causing a flat tire, tire dismount, or damage to wheels and tires.  Read more on beadlocks HERE.


Available Options

  • All wheels include necessary bead-lock hardware
  • Set of 4 Wheels 
  • Set of 5 Wheels (Save $$$)
    • Includes a 5th wheel for use in rotation and as a spare.  
  • Single Spare Wheel 
    • This spare is wheel can be rotated in regular use.



  • Sold as a set of 4 wheels, 5 wheels, or 1 spare wheel
  • Size: 20x8.5" Front, 20x8.5" Rear
  • Offset: +40 Front / Rear
  • Bolt Pattern (PCD): 5x5.5 (5x139.7mm) 
  • Engineered by Team 1EV for use with factory Rivian lug nuts (not included)
  • Engineered by Team 1EV to use factory Rivian TPMS (not included)
  • Engineered by Team 1EV to use Rivian 20" All-Terrain center caps (not included)
  • Bi-Directional, okay in any wheel position
  • Anti-Slip Knurled Bead
  • Grade 8 beadlock hardware kit included
  • 24 attachement pt forged beadlock ring
    • Center Bore: 64.1 mm
    • Construction: Fully Forged Monoblock
    • Weight: Est 33lbs
    • Load Rating: 1,125 kg/2,480 lbs
    • Recommended Tire Size: 275/65/20
    • Colors: Satin (Matte) Black or Diamond Black


    Approved Fitments

    • 2022+
      • Rivian R1T
      • Rivian R1S 


    • 20 inch R800 RMaxx wheel exclusively by Team 1EV for Rivian R1T / R1S fitment
    • Manufactured in a CNC-Machined and Fully Forged Process
    • FEA Analysis tested under 3,400 lbf
    • Manufactured in a TüV certified facility
    • Factory Rivian center caps, lug nuts and TPMS fit R800 wheels
    • Suitable for extreme off road, overlanding and on street use
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