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Redwood Ohlins DFV - Model Y

$3,465.00 $3,850.00
Redwood Rear Arms
Add Remote Adjusters


  • Öhlins DFV Dampers - Custom Tuned by Redwood Motorsports
  • Swift Springs™ - Produced Exclusively for Redwood Motorsports
  • Aurora Bearings™ - Teflon-Lined High-Load Motorsports Bearings (built to last on track and street)
  • Redwood Motorsports Gold Anodized 6061 Aluminum Hardware
  • Redwood Motorsports Nickel-Plated High-Load Front Steel Forks 
  • 32 Clicks Damping Adjustment Front and Rear (compression + rebound) 
  • Maximum Height Adjustability
  • Ultra-Light Shock Assemblies (shed significant unsprung weight with mil-spec hard-anodized aluminum shock bodies)
  • Öhlins Patented Dual Flow Valve (DFV) Technology
  • Öhlins Temperature Correction Valve
  • Öhlins 1304 Race Oil (Buttery Smooth)
  • World Class Redwood Motorsports Engineering and Damper Tuning
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • MADE IN THE USA! (In Fremont, California)    (*Aside from Ohlins damper bodies, and Swift Springs)

Technical Details: 

The precise control of the Öhlins DFV dampers are both due to the patented Dual Flow Valve pistons, as well as the high attention to detail and component tolerances, typically found on much higher-end shocks.  The end result is a damper that has the ability to optimally track the movement of the road surface, increasing tire contact patch and therefore total available grip.  Öhlins patented Dual Flow Valve piston contains center and side exit oil flow paths, which allows for separate control of low-speed, high-speed, and ultra-high-speed damping.  The DFV has the unique ability to remain firm when it needs to (for body control movement), reduce damping force (for bump control), and significantly bleed-off damping force under high linear accelerations (to absorb abrupt and sharp impacts) instead of transferring them to the chassis.  This makes the Ohlins DFV unsurpassed on both the track and street, as berms, mid-corner bumps, and other surface irregularities can be soaked up on track, as opposed to upsetting the chassis.   

The same ultra-high-speed damping force is helpful on the street, as a firm-but-supple ride can be maintained for optimal body-control handling, while potholes and large impacts are readily absorbed during day to day driving.  

An additional feature of the DFV is its internal temperature correction needle-valve, which meters the flow of shock oil to compensate for changing oil viscosity, based on shock temperature.  This needle valve closes for cold temperatures where the shock oil is thicker, and opens to compensate for thinner oil viscosity when the shock becomes hot - resulting in absolutely consistent performance in all circumstances despite the internal temperature of the damper!

*Base Kit Utilizes OEM Tophats* 

To learn more about the benefits of Öhlins Road & Track DFV Dampers please visit

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