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Rays VMF C-01 Tesla TM3/Y 20" (Set of four) Shining Black Metal / Diamond Cut

$4,799.99 $3,340.00

RAYS Versus Mode Forged

C-01 20x9.0 +25 5x114.3 (Shining Black Metal / Diamond Cut)


The VMF C-01 is a forged wheel specially created for ride comfort. "Mode Forged" is a new approach to forged wheels, with the focus on design. This wheel’s smooth, lustrous and sculptured 3D beauty is a worthy outcome of RAYS Original Forging Method.
But VMF isn’t just about design. It shatters the conventional image of forged wheels in Japan, where "forged" means "light" and "sports wheel." By developing forged wheels that are superior in terms of ride comfort and noises caused by tires and wind, together with the tires, VMF helps to improve your car’s ride quality.


The meaning of ORIZURU

Origami culture is said to have begun in the Heian era of Japan where letters and catalogs were written on folded paper.The term "with origami" was used for appraisals of artworks and swords.The "origami" uses accurate and delicate technology to shape animals.
It has long been said that a crane is an auspicious bird and it can be folded with wishes using delicate techniques.It has been used for various applications.
Now, the "origami" and "orizuru" are beautiful Japanese cultures that is present globally.
RAYS known for top forged sports wheels presents "Versus Mode Forged" specializing in the design.
Design such like the "folding crane" made using delicate and complex technology.
VMF is the new style proposal authenticated with origami.

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