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Rally Armor Mud Flap 21+ Model S / Plaid

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Made in the USA. Price in USD. Customs Charges Not Included.

Fitment Note | Fits 2021-23 Tesla Model S and S Plaid. Will Not Fit Model 3, X or Y. No Drilling Required.

Pragmatists will appreciate the effects of a cleaner Tesla with Rally Armor Model S, S Plaid mud flaps installed.

Its smarter, no-drill design and premium polyurethane separate them from alternative splash guards or flaps. Rally Armor's material is peerless and unlike regular plastics or rubber. Immutable flexibility, extreme tear resistance backed by a solid, fixed form make them superior for mud flaps. Hardened plastics assault surfaces and that constant battering can lead to breakage. Other materials eventually degrade, especially in rough weather regions where freezing conditions can cause most anything to crack.

Formulated to repel high tack gunk, sap, and solvents, pliable polyurethane is revered for its supernatural resistance to salt spray and sub-zero temperatures. Quality and inventive engineering make Rally Armor the ultimate in Tesla Model S, S Plaid protection.

1 Set Includes

4 Polyurethane Flaps
Mounting Hardware
Stainless Steel Brackets

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