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Pagid RSL Track Brake Pads For Tesla Model 3

Front or Rear

Performance Front, Stoptech Front & Non-Performance Front
Performance Rear

The best track brake pad option for your Tesla. Bar none. Long-lasting, and easy on rotors, the best performance and value in one. 

We’ve searched high and low for the perfect endurance pad that is easy on rotors, has great modulation, long life, and is useable on the street. These pads fit the bill perfectly. While they are a motorsport-oriented pad, there is almost no squeal when street driving, and very little dust. No more pad swapping required!

Front Pad:  RSL1 - PUP, RSL29 Non PUP

RSL29 Rear Pad - PUP

  • Low noise on properly bedded rotors. 
  • Extremely long pad life 
  • Very easy on rotors
  • Great modulation
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