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Orella Acoustics Tesla Model 3 / Y Complete Audio System INSTALLED!!!

$2,200.00 $2,300.00
Premium Audio only

Total package price for components and subwoofer installed, includes tax


If you do not have factory operating rear speakers this system will not be compatible.

The Tesla Model 3/Y Sound Solution is designed and tuned specifically for your Tesla. Guaranteed to deliver unmatched sound reproduction, seamless integration, and uncompromising reliability. What you can expect; unparalleled clarity, loudness and ever-present bass without impeding vocals.

Plug and play, no cutting of wires or splicing required.

Installation is 3-4 hours for the complete system with subwoofer.

Kit Includes

Tesla Model 3/Y Speaker Upgrade

  • Front Speaker Upgrade (2 midrange drivers, 2 tweeters)
  • Front Center Speaker Upgrade (1 coaxial driver)
  • Rear Speaker Upgrade (2 coaxial drivers)

Tesla Model 3/Y Subwoofer Upgrade

  • 8″ Subwoofer System
  • Dedicated Subwoofer Amplifier (Included)
  • Quick-Sync Wiring Harness
  • Y includes a cover panel for amplifier, 3 does not have this need.

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