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N2itive TARTAN SX-P2 2021+ Tesla Model S/X PLAID & Long Range Forged Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms (1 PAIR)

Blown out tires on these Teslas caused by extreme inner tire wear.

N2itive is ecstatic to announce our new Tartan series of products developed specifically for the new Tesla Plaid and Long Range Model S and X cars.  We were the first to launch adjustable rear camber arms for the earlier Tesla S/X cars.  Now building on our knowledge from the original SX-1 camber arms, we have developed our new high pressure forged, semi-hollow adjustable rear camber arms for the Tesla Model S & X PLAID and Long Range versions, the SX-P2.   The only fully forged adjustable Tesla camber arms in the world!  As you’ve come to expect from N2itive, we’re pushing the envelope even further this time in ease of adjustment, strength, quality, design, functionality and aesthetics.  These new arms boast a host of improvements compared to anything available on the market.

First, as mentioned above, aside from the first CNC batch that is shipping out in December we are moving onto a high pressure forged design including the main aluminum arm!  For the first batch we used CNC machining to speed up the process since the forge molds were taking considerable time to develop.  All forged arms will begin shipping at the end of January.

The forging process provides reduced weight and a substantial increase in ultimate tensile strength over standard CNC/billet aluminum manufactured control arms. High pressure forging creates a grain structure that flows throughout the piece to increase the strength and structural integrity of the part.  Further, we are continuing to use our forged adjustable Chromoly rod end but now we have our new custom spherical bushing built-in to the rod end itself!  This allows for a lighter and lower profile rod end since there is no need for a sleeve around the bushing.  The opposite side of the control arm also retains a new custom spherical bushing as well. N2itive is providing dual spherical bushings in each arm for increased flexibility in articulation.  This is especially helpful under high torque environments like those found in a super powerful EV like a Tesla Plaid.

SX-P2 adjustable rear camber arm for 2021 and later Tesla S/X cars. Black version comes with shown multi-alignment kit with built-in scale preinstalled!

These new arms offer our latest adjustment system to allow for super easy access to the adjustment mechanism for speedy and super accurate alignments with the wheels on.  This new design also sports a revised single bolt clamping mechanism on the arm for a faster and more accurate torque on the clamp and eliminates the possibility for technician errors or inaccuracies in torquing.  We are also incorporating new neoprene closed cell foam gaskets to keep water and corrosive salts out of the adjustment mechanism.

Closed cell foam neoprene gaskets now come standard on all versions of the SX-P2 adjustable rear camber arms!

Unlike some of our competition, our rear adjustable camber arms allow you to adjust camber from the top of the wheel so you only need this one arm instead of two separate lower control arms.  Geometrically, the top is the ideal location as the arm naturally sits perpendicular to the wheel and not off at an angle like it does when adjusting camber from the lower control arms.  This allows the alignment technician to align the car quickly and more intuitively without disturbing the original geometry and maintaining correct bump steer!  Also there is no need for additional shims to compensate for not adjusting the camber from the correct position to begin with.  Plus alignment takes less time/money to complete.  Further more you only need to adjust the camber on one arm eliminating the strong possibility of not adjusting two separate arms evenly.  There is no need to go back and forth adjusting two separate arms to dial in camber and hope you got it right without screwing something else up.   While designing this complex upper rear camber arm has cost us more than if we had designed simple straight lower control arms, we know it’s the right way to do it are still offering it at a reasonable price to our customers.  The SX-P2 will provide a lifetime of hassle free accurate camber alignment for both street and track use.  As a bonus, adjusting the camber from the top allows you push the wheel our from the top for nicer aesthetics.

This time we are offering three finish options.  An anodized red version, an anodized clear version (both come with a 6-year warranty) and our top of the line version which is a bright black electroless nickel plated finish as on our most popular previous models. This version comes with our new patent pending multi-alignment kit with a built-in scale allowing the user to recall multiple alignments without the need to go back to the alignment shop!  This is ideal for track racing when you want to be able to dial in a particular alignment at the track and then change the alignment at the end of the day to a more street sensible alignment.  This version also comes with a lifetime warranty including wear and tear on the bushings.  The benefits are a control arm that’s easier to align, allows multiple alignments to be recalled,  better corrosion resistance and insane looks. The price is per pair or set of two arms.

N2itive’s new SX-P2 rear adjustable camber arms with dual custom designed spherical bushings are the answer to the crazy inner rear tire wear that can be experienced on the Tesla Model S and X PLAID and Long Range cars.  The SX-P2 arms can be installed by the experienced home mechanic or from a local alignment shop that has experience with aftermarket control arms.  These parts will quickly pay for themselves in the cost of tires alone.  We can help you every step of the way, from selecting the right N2itive parts to finding an installer.  Just let us know.  We’re here to help and get your Tesla aligned right.  Contact us with any questions.

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