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MPP.R Model 3 Caster Adjustable Compression Rod Bearings


The ultimate upgrade for those looking for a no-compromise solid front suspension

  • For those of you that are after the MPP.R experience, we have a sealed solid spherical bearing option that eliminates all of the compliance in this link, at the minor sacrifice to NVH from the noise transmitted by the bearing.
  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Sealed spherical bearing, for maximum longevity and reduced noise.
  • Caster adjustable – using our unique design the caster can be adjusted by rotating the bearing.
  • Gain confidence – massive reduction in darting and steering wheel shake during aggressive braking
  • To be used with our Front Lower Control Arm Bearings and Front Upper Control Arms to eliminate ALL rubber bushings in the Model 3’s front suspension.

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 RWD, Dual Motor, Performance, Performance w/ PUP

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