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H&R Trak+ 14mm DRS-MZ Wheel Spacer Black - Performance 3 ONLY (PAIR)


(Sold in pairs, order 2 pairs to complete a vehicle)

These spacers are made specifically for the Tesla Model 3 Performance wheels with original rotors. If you have upgraded 2 piece rotors we do not recommend the 14mm spacers. You need to have 32mm of thread protruding past the OEM rotor hat for these to be safe according to H&R. They need 7.5 turns for proper engagement. We have measured 8.5 turns on OEM P3D 20" Sport and Uberturbine wheels

H&R Trak+ 14mm DRS-MZ Wheel Spacer Bolt 5/114.3 Center Bore 64 Stud Thread 14x1.5 - Black



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