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Endless EX90 Model 3 Stage 2 brake upgrade package: Pads + Fluid + SS lines

Brake Lines
Brake Fluid

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

(all colors in stock)

This is our stage 2 brake package combining 3 bottles of Motul RBF 660 OR Endless RF650 with a set of Stainless Steel brake lines and Endless EX90 brake pads for the more competitive driver.

Complaints with OEM:

1. Fluid boils too quickly

2. Brake pads lack initial bite and fade too quickly


1. Stainless Steel brake lines:  choose red or smoke

2. Upgraded brake fluid:  choose Motul RBF660 or Endless RF650 for the ultimate in fluid.

Endless EX90 BRAKE PADS:

The Tesla Performance brake pad minimizes dust and brake noise while being semi-metallic, improving braking performance at low temperatures. It also increases braking stability at high temperatures and realizes a reduction in rotor aggressiveness. We also worked to polish the pedal touch, which is a strong point of semi-metallic materials.

     ●Proper rotor temperature/50~700℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.37~0.47

     ●Materials/Semi-metallic(ceramic carbon metal)

Endless RF650
Endless RF-650 fluid is widely known for it's stability and longevity. But its greatest feature is its superior compressibility characteristics. RF-650 will compress much less than the competition. This provides a much stiffer and consistent brake pedal. The low freezing point (-40 degrees C) and low temperature fluid flow also makes RF-650 perfect for snow rallys. Used in the top categories of motorsports including F1, WRC, and Paris Dakar. Recognized by circuit users worldwide. Especially developed for long endurance races ("24 hours") where extreme high temperature stability is required, but it is suitable for all types of competition.

  • 500mL bottle

Motul RBF600

Motul Racing Brake Fluid is a superior fluid to other off-the-shelf performance and racing brake fluids. The RBF600 has boiling points that exceed DOT4 standards. It has been specifically designed to resist the high temperatures generated from steel or carbon racing brakes and clutch systems. High boiling points help to avoid vapor lock caused by fluid boiling. Motul RBF 600 far exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 standards, and the container is filled with nitrogen in order to increase shelf life and eliminate contamination as long as the factory seal remains in place. As with any brake fluid, its quality is only as good as its freshness. That's why it's important to change your brake fluid often, especially with regular track use.

  • Dry Boiling Point = 312° C (594° F)
  • Wet Boiling Point = 205° C (401° F)
  • "Super" DOT4 (exceeds DOT5 specs)
  • Normal viscosity
  • 500mL bottle
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