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Deposit for Alignments

Vehicle Model
Rear Camber Adjustable
Front Camber Adjustable

Deposit for Alignment $50.00

Alignments vary from $95 to $350.00 depending on the number of adjustments required and type of vehicle you have.

We specialize in custom alignments.  

Model 3 and Y ~ 30-60 mins

Model S and X - 1-2 hours depending on the adjustments needed.

All appointments require a non refundable deposit once the appt date has been chosen.  Any changes to the appt must be notified 4 business days in advance so we have enough time to fill the slot.  Please keep in mind that fees might be incurred if you are late for your appointment.  Appointments can be rescheduled but if cancelled the deposit will be forfeit.

***We bill late appts at $50 per half hour. This does impact our schedule so please do notify us if you will be late.  We do not accept walk in appointments***

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