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Two-Piece Rear Rotors for Tesla Model S/X Plaid and Long Range

  • brakeStock sizing, perfect fit
  • Lightweight, visually stunning two-piece rotor
  • Aluminum anodized hat made from US-Sourced 6061-T6
  • Optimal cooling, directional rotors with curved vanes
  • Made in the USA
  • Rotors made by a leading brake supplier with winning experience in the highest level of motorsport.
  • Significant weight reduction from the factory rotors.

Fits these vehicles: Model S Plaid, Model X Plaid, Model S 2021+

To match with our newly released Plaid 400mm “Easy Big Fella” front big brake kit, we wanted to also announce our matching rear rotors. These will be available shortly after the fronts – but we’re adding this product page now so that those of you that are interested know that the rotors are in the pipeline.

Note: Pictures shown are of comparable Model 3 rotors – actual pictures will come!

These rotors are the same diameter and thickness as your stock rotors, but offer the benefits of a lightweight aluminum tophat and curved directional vanes for significantly improved cooling. As these rotors are the same diameter as factory, any wheels that fit with the OEM rear brakes will also fit with these rotors.

The rear brakes are highly utilized on the Model S – in part due to the horsepower level, and also due to the long wheelbase and low center of gravity, which reduces the amount of longitudinal weight transfer during braking, meaning that the rear axle carries a lot of braking duty. Having curved vanes to shed heat is extremely important for any kind of aggressive driving use.

These rotors install very quickly, any competent shop will be able to do this job quickly. The only caution is to be sure the parking brake is disabled so that it does not try to apply while the caliper is unbolted from the car.

This kit includes the following:

  • (2) Rotor rings and rotor hats assembled and ready to be installed on the car. They are directional so be sure to install them on the correct side!
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