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MPP Front Upper Control Arm - Adjustable


Go faster, without compromise.

The factory Model 3 and Model Y desperately need more camber on the track, but not much if any on the street. What if you could quickly dial in more camber when you get to the track, and then set it right back to stock before you drive home? Well, now you can.

  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Over 30% lighter than OEM arms, each arm weights under 4lbs
  • Made In Canada
  • Shim adjustment system for precise, repeatable adjustment – able to add or subtract up to 3° of camber in under 1 minute without removing wheels!  This arm can only be as long as your factory arm.  It will not reduce camber without additional shims but you run the risk of the arm being too long and will contact the chassis.  Additional shims are an option.
  • Sealed spherical bearings will last the lifetime of the car
  • Eliminate rubber bushings, feel a true connection to the road
  • No noises or wear, unlike common aftermarket arms which use spherical rod ends
  • Provided guide for toe adjustments to match camber settings for quick setup changes trackside
  • MPP was the first to use solid spherical bearings in aftermarket suspension arms. 

Fits these vehicles: All Model 3’s, All Model Y’s. 

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