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$140.00 $140.00
Spacer Size

Aspira Auto Design Performance Spacers (pair)

Spacers are designed to work with all trims of Model 3/Y. We have incorporated a notch to accommodate the Model 3 Performance hubs. Fitments for Performance versus Non Performance vary. We will be publishing a chart to help assist you with which spacers work with what wheels and trims of Model 3's / Y's: Performance 3 has 32mm of stud protrusion from the rotor hat surface Non Performance has 27mm to 29mm of stud protrusion from the rotor hat surface.

*** Cannot confirm compatibility with any aftermarket wheels ***

Please reference the images for measurements needed to take with your current wheel setup.

***By ordering these studded spacers you understand the potential risks involved and purchase at your own risk. Aspira and its resellers are free from liability. Spacers may not be permissible for on road use. Please check with your local laws and regulations. ***



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