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Redwood FPX Coilovers - Model Y

$2,545.00 $2,545.00
Add Top Hats - Rubber Bushings
Add Remote Adjusters

PLEASE BE AWARE - Redwood FPX Coilover kits have a typical lead-time of 2 or 3 weeks. Each kit is valved and built to order. 

For a limited time, Swift Springs will be included FREE of charge for initial release!  

Redwood Motorsports is proud to introduce our new line of FPX Coilover Suspension. An affordable option for those looking to maximize performance, ride quality, and price.  Building on the success of our FP-Spec based suspension line, we produced this custom suspension system from the ground up, with the intention of bringing race-inspired engineering to the broader consumer market, utilizing our collective years of engineering expertise in suspension design and manufacturing.

One of the goals for this custom shock architecture was creating an internal cartridge design that allowed us the flexibility to maximize comfort for Grand Touring applications, as well as the range to valve for performance applications.  In this design process for our Grand Touring variants, we derived a proprietary valving philosophy which we call “Cloud-Spec”.  

Designing a shock dedicated for either street or performance use is relatively simple. However, from an engineering perspective, creating a single damper that is effective in both arenas is significantly more challenging.  For the end-user, the result is a suspension that provides maximum grip in the corners, yet a firm-but-supple ride quality on the street. 

Those who have driven this setup have commented that the Redwood Motorsports Performance Sport kit is surprisingly more comfortable than stock, yet offers a fantastic amount of grip and compliance on and off track.  Our GT customers have noted that this is *the most* comfortable suspension they have ridden on in any Tesla Model 3 or Y, hands down.   

You may notice that many components are shared between our FP-Spec line of products.  This is not a coincidence.  The years of R&D that went into our FP-Spec Long-Stroke suspension kits was used as a starting point for our FPX line.  Utilizing many of those same components our new FPX suspension line offers amazing performance, and ride quality, at a competitive price point.  

Hardware includes a steel monotube shock body which allows us to reduce cost. We spec a industry-leading Nickel-chromium plating that is extremely durable in harsh environments.  Matching gray 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum (mil-spec anodized in hard gray), and signature FPX Red springs (Swift Springs optional) compliment the entire shock package.  High quality seals, shims, and pistons used throughout, as well as Amsoil shock oil, in conjunction with our proprietary custom valving.  

Grand Touring (Heavy Duty): Looking for a GT kit but planning on regularly carrying lots of passengers, cargo, and or towing? We would highly recommend moving to our Heavy-Duty Grand Touring kit. This kit includes all the ride compliant of our GT kits but with additional cargo & towing capacity.  

We have built our FPX kits to utilize our Long-Stroke designs as standard, giving our FPX line of shocks an amazing advantage at a fantastic value.  

WARRANTY - 2 years unlimited miles.  Rebuilds can be performed in house if needed in the future.


  • 6061 Aluminum Hard Anodized Upper and Lower Mounts - Same as used in our FP Spec kits!  
  • 6061 Aluminum Hard Anodized Spring Perches, Lock Rings, and Adapters
  • “CloudSpec” or “Performance” Valving Curves - Hand valved and dynoed in Fremont, CA
  • Signature FPX Red Springs - Swift Springs optional
  • Dual Digressive Valving
  • Custom Designed 7075 Aluminum Pistons
  • Optimized Valving Ports - Radialized Ports Reduce Fluid Capitation at high speed
  • Single Dual Adjustable Compression/Rebound Adjustment 24 Settings
  • Amsoil High Temp Shock Oil
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