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MPP KW Model Y Comfort Fixed Damping Coilover

$1,610.00 $1,860.00
MPP Rear Camber Arm

APPROX 3-6 WEEK LEAD TIME.  FUNDS WILL BE CAPTURED IMMEDIATELY AND CANNOT BE CANCELLED UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.  The coil overs will ship directly from Germany to your shipping address.  For this reason there is a shipping charge incurred even for local store pickups.  Please select the correct drop down option.

What Makes This Kit Ride So Well?

Our comfort coilovers were designed for the user who wants to improve the ride quality while having the ability to fine-tune the ride height to his or her exact preference. These coilovers offer what we feel is the optimal comfort-oriented ride for a Model Y. It removes a lot of the harshness caused by the firm Tesla damper and OE bump stop engagement. With tons of travel, you can clobber potholes and large ruts in the road without even feeling it. In fact, the faster you go the smoother it gets!

An aftermarket suspension can make or break the enjoyment of a vehicle. Unfortunately for Model Y owners, Tesla tuned the suspension to engage the bump stops fairly early on in the travel of the suspension. The OE bump stops increase the spring rate of the suspension very rapidly when hitting large bumps. In addition, the factory shock absorbers are harsh over large impacts. The combination of these two factors leads to a feeling of “crashing” into potholes and bumps with a hard landing. Our MPP comfort kit allows more travel before engaging the bump stops, and the dampers are valved to soak up bumps and potholes without giving you that “hard landing” feeling. Simply, we use more of the available suspension travel to give you a more comfortable ride, but the dampers are tuned in a way to ensure that the body never feels floaty or unstable.

What Is The Ride Height Range This Kit Is Designed For?

We support a ride range of ride height adjustments with our kit, from just over the factory Performance Model Y ride height down to about as low as you’d ever want to go. For those of you looking to raise your Y, we have great news. This kit can be used in combination with our Lift Kit to add 1.75″ to the ride height!

If the ride height you are targeting is below the Performance Model Y, or if you’re using our lift kit to raise your Y, our Rear Camber Arms are basically mandatory. Your rear tire wear without them will be excessive and the camber will be well outside of what is acceptable.


Factory Battery Clearance (21″ Wheels, Performance Model Y): 

Front: 165mm
Rear: 165mm

Factory Hub-Fender Distance (21″ Wheels, Performance Model Y):

Front: 422mm
Rear: 424mm

* The Model Y has already had numerous spring revisions, so the best bet is to measure your vehicle if you’re looking to confirm the exact amount of lowering, however, we can confidently say our kit offers the maximum allowed lowering before there is a risk of suspension interference.

MPP Comfort Recommended Battery Heights: 

Front: 135mm – 170mm
Rear: 135mm – 170mm

MPP Comfort Recommended Hub-Fender Distance:

Front: 385mm – 430mm
Rear: 385mm – 430mm

Model Y ride height range with our comfort coilovers. Note, our lift kit can be added if you want to go higher!

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