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N2itive SX-2 Rear Adjustable Camber Arms (1 PAIR) For Tesla Model S/X, 2012 – 2020


N2itive’s brand new SX-2 rear adjustable camber arms for 2012 -2020 come with both custom made spherical and annular bushings.  They are the answer to the crazy inner rear tire wear we experience on the Tesla Model S and X.  The SX-2 arms can be installed by the experienced home mechanic or from a local alignment shop that has experience with aftermarket control arms.  The installer can review our installation instructions/video by clicking on the instruction page on our website.  These parts will quickly pay for themselves in the cost of less than two tires.  We can help you every step of the way, from selecting the right N2itive parts to finding an installer.  Just let us know.  We’re here to help and get your Tesla aligned right and driving safe!    If you need anything, our customer support is always available.  Contact us with any questions.

N2itive’s SX-2 adjustable rear camber arms come in three variations.  The anodized red and natural versions come with our new ride height compensation bracket and a 6-year warranty.  The third version comes with both our ride height compensation bracket and our multi-alignment recall kit preinstalled.  This version is electroless nickel plated for even better corrosion resistance and insane looks!  It also comes with a lifetime warranty, including wear and tear on the bushings!  All versions are stronger than any other brand, including Tesla’s own plus come with the above mentioned patent pending features making them hands-down the best in the industry!  The price is per pair or set of two arms.  Contact us with questions. We’re here for you!

Stop inner tire wear damage before it causes a dangerous blowout and increase the longevity of your expensive tires.
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