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N2itive Rear Camber / Toe Arm package 3 / Y


N2itive’s brand new ground breaking high pressure forged adjustable toe arms are finally almost here!  We’ve designed these control arms to give you the freedom to dial in the ideal alignment for track or on the street to address the common inner tire wear issues that the Tesla Model 3 and Y are known for.  These are even more critical if you’re planning to install these on a lowered Tesla or a high mileage Tesla.  Our adjustable toe / camber arms will allow you to add or remove rear toe / camber to your liking.  Either for optimal track or street wheel alignment.  These are a much improved direct drop-in replacement for the original Tesla rear toe and camber arms. They come preset to the length of the original non-adjustable arms.  All our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for years of endurance and come with an unmatched 6-year to lifetime warranty!

N2itive’s new adjustable rear camber and toe arms come in three variations.   We have a natural clear or red anodized surface finish which comes with a 6-year warranty.  These are high pressure forged, machined and heat treated using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum and 4041 electroless nickel plated chromoly.  Or you can take it up a notch to our full electroless nickel plated version which comes with a lifetime warranty, almost double the ultimate tensile strength 7075-T6 aluminum center adjuster and an incredible finish.  In addition to being substantially stronger, this version has an amazing bright black nickel plated finish for improved corrosion resistance and insane looks.  Either way you can’t go wrong.  All versions are stronger than any other brand, including Tesla’s own.  The price is per pair or set of two arms.  

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