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MPP Rear Arm/Spring Package (Complete Solution)

MPP Spring Rate
Here's your "Sea of Blue" in the "ALL IN - SPRUNG" Rear Suspension ARMS Package.

Super Sport Springs are chosen by default as reflected in the retail price. Choose Sport or Comfort and it will reduce by $225.00

This makes your purchase nice and simple. One click, check out, and free shipping!!!!!!!

See the contents of this package below. Get rid of your OEM bushings and get some beautiful sealed bearings in their place.
Not only that but you'll gain the advantage additional camber adjustments in both the front and rear.
Note the thoughtful engineering put into the adjustments and pinch bolt method of locking you adjustments into place.
This design will make your alignment tech's job a lot easier to center all your bearings before locking them into place.

MPP-TM3-RSPR-SPRING: ***Choose Comfort, Sport, or Super Sport spring rates*** Please note that selecting Super Sport will provide you with 2 new front springs as well. These are only compatible with MPP Sport Adjustable Coilover valving.

MPP-TM3-RTOE (MPP Arastradero Model 3/Y Rear Toe Arms *BLUE COLOR*)
MPP-TM3-RTRAC (MPP Arastradero Model 3/Y Rear Traction Arms *BLUE COLOR*)
MPP-TM3-RTRAIL (MPP Arastradero Model 3/Y Rear Trailing Arms *BLUE COLOR*)
MPP-TM3-RUCA (MPP Arastradero Model 3/Y Rear Camber Arms *BLUE COLOR*)
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