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Whiteline 2017 Tesla Model 3 / 2020+ Tesla Y Offset Compliance Arm Hybrid Bushing - Polyurethane / Spherical


This unit has a spherical offset bearing encased in a polyurethane bushing.  We are just beginning our testing of this unit but hope that it will provide a great balance for the track enthusiast who daily drives their car.  2.5mm of offset should give up to 0.5 degrees of caster adjustment. Be aware that we do not know if this bearing will make noise over time. It is recommended as a part for motorsports.  If you are concerned about potential noises over time the n get an oem replacement or the Whiteline polyurethane version.

"Whiteline caster kits are designed to improve cornering grip and vehicle straight line stability. This kit is supplied with dual offset bushings to give greater steering feel, more steering weight, greater precision all through increased static caster and dynamic negative camber gain. In addition, Whiteline bushings provide improved braking performance, and less under load alignment change.

This bushing can be installed in a variety of orientations to provide different caster settings.  Once installed the caster will be fixed.  These are not adjustable once installed on the car."

    Fits these vehicles: All Model 3, All Model Y

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