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Smooth out your ride!

Smooth out your ride!
This product is for those of you looking to take the edge off your OEM harshness or improve the ride on your aftermarket lowering springs. We are stocked up on the AWD and RWD Tein Endurapro plus dampers which are around $600+ for a set. We've been using and installing these for over 3 months now but kept them a secret for locals only until we got through all our various testing. We have installed them on virtually every trim of Model 3 and Y with stock and Eibach lowering springs. We do have some packages with Eibach and MPP rear camber arms but the supply is very limited for those add ons. RWD is not an issue as of right now but AWD has been very hard to get a hold of for Eibach springs. We can give you some guidance on damper settings if you have oem or Eibach springs based on our independent testing. The website is a fresh launch so if something doesn't seem right please let me know and thanks in advance. We're working on debugging it. We've also got the Flex Z in stock but will make a new post about that along with some videos comparing them to some other coilovers.

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