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How we fixed Sunny's car!!!!

How we fixed Sunny's car!!!!
Sunny contacted me to assist him in installing some suspension parts and in my series of questions he notified me that he had a shaky steering wheel after getting new wheels and tires installed. He showed me a video and his steering wheel was shaking violently. I said that is not normal and we will inspect them when he comes in. He also was under the assumption his wheels were attempting to be stolen because his lugnuts kept going missing. His other complaint was that his brake pedal was not firm anymore and had a very long throw. There was no bite until it was depressed pretty far. I told him I should have a solution for that. I recommended he add our steering and brake package stage 1 to his suspension install which would improve his driving experience, safety, and serve as preventative maintenance. Because our firewalls are so flimsy the master cylinder can be permanently displaced producing a long pedal. Secondly, the lower control arm bushing is known to start cracking around 25-30k miles depending on your driving habits. We are able to reduce long term ownership and safety by installing these MPP components when the vehicle is new. Sunny obliged and called me the doctor. I can finally tell me parents, "I'm a client proclaimed doctor and am officially a reborn Indian!!!!!" LMAO. See the mods list below for what we installed as well as the resolution to the safety issues:
  1. Coilovers, was originally going with lowering springs but opted to go with a complete solution
  2. MPP rear camber arms
  3. MPP brake master cylinder brace
  4. MPP Front lower control arm bearings
  5. MPP Compression Rod Inserts
  6. #rishiespec advice, alignment, and damper settings
  1. Brake pedal feel was quickly resolved with the brace. We were able to move the cylinder back into factory position and even improve the pedal feel over factory. His next brake mod will be our stage 2 which includes, pads, lines, and fluid. This will effectively make his pads bite much better in both cold and hot situations
  2. Turns out the tire shop didn't realize that the M6/10mm rotor retaining bolt was contacting the backside of the wheel. As a result the wheel NEVER sat flat against the rotor hat or hub. Super super dangerous. One of our team members found the issue, removed all 4 bolts and voila lives were saved. He had already lost a couple nuts and even when he came we found loose ones. The tire shop had the audacity to tell him that the tires just needed to be broken in. This is after going there twice. We did put 2 of the wheels on the balancer which went fine and it was at that time we dug deeper into isolating the wobble culprit.
I always ask for a review within 24 hours to make sure we did an exceptional job and that the advice provided was solid and realized. Here's Sunny's review and I'm so grateful we are able to continue making an impact on people's lives by simply improving their day to day driving experiences. Whether that be in making it more comfortable or helping them improve their lap times at the track. Thanks to all our supports. I am humbled everyday.
- Rishie

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