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ASPIRA AF-10 18" (set of four) Satin Graphite



Front/Rear: 18x9, 10, 18x10.5

Confirmed to clear the following brakes

MPP 365mm Silver Caliper relocation kit

MPP Stoptech ST-60 368 and 380mm kits

AP Racing 372mm and 380mm kits

UP BFB kit

Recommended Tire size:

235 to 295 based on wheel width

Special Notes for 10.5" width

1.  Alignment: Front Camber -3 to -3.5, Rear Camber -2.5 to -2.7.

2.  5mm spacers might be needed to provide clearance to the front upright only for PUP model 3 with oem rotors.

3. Recommended Front camber -3 to -3.5.  Minor fender roll may be required.

4. Most other aftermarket BBK's and non oem PUP rotors will not require spacers.

OEM Centercaps are not included. Model S and X caps will fit.

Aspira AF-10 is a truly forged wheel designed for the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics. Dubbed the "Sub2" we designed this wheel specifically to "attack the track". The 10 spoke design gives you classic racing heritage combined with balanced super lightweight performance. The AF-10 gives you a wheel that is strong while giving you all of the lightweight performance you need in a track focused wheel. Aspira Design's forged wheels features traction improving bead seat knurling, beefed up inner rim flange for durability and strength, and logo machined accents. Manufactured with 10,000 TONS of pressure. All wheels are structurally tested according to JWL standards to ensure safety while you perform.

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